Impact Hub Athens Climaccelerator: Awards in both phases!

Climaccelerator Demo Day!


Apollo Green Solutions is now entering the second round of the Climaccelerator program/competition, which aims to help and highlight start-up companies that have a positive environmental impact and are innovating.

What is the role of Apollo Green Solutions?

Apollo’s role and vision is:

  1. Green energy accessible to all: We find solutions to make energy, especially green energy, more accessible to all income groups.
  2. Innovation in green energy: we continue to innovate and create new products designed to help individuals and businesses, to better understand their energy needs, and to see data around their energy consumption. In this way they will be able to redefine and reduce their energy rates, and of course, their costs.
  3. Promote new technologies: We stay up to date on all new technologies around energy, learn about them in depth and introduce them to our customers. A typical example is agricultural photovoltaics, and photovoltaics of various types (awnings, pergolas, etc.).
  4. Agricultural production with the help of the sun: Agricultural photovoltaics have evolved rapidly, and not only produce energy, but also help in agricultural production by providing proper shading to plants, which in turn allows for moisture/water conservation.
  5. Informing the public: Informing people about the new technologies, how photovoltaics work and how they too could use energy from the sun for their daily needs, based on their income, is one of the main elements of our work.

We were honored to participate in Climaccelerator’s Demo Day and look forward to the next steps in the process that will bring us closer to the final goal.

You can read more about the event here:

Apollo, Together we create the future.