Trikala Expo: The great energy fest!


The Trikala EXPO exhibition was held with great success at the Matsopoulos Mill. We thank the Association of Plumbers of Trikala for this initiative and for the opportunity to participate in the first energy/heating Expo in Trikala.

A city “worked”, with people who care about it, has been named the first smart city in Greece in 2015 and is creating the conditions to become one of the top 100 climate neutral cities by 2030 in Europe.

We immediately felt welcomed by the organizers and managed to establish important connections and acquaintanceships with the other exhibitors and the citizens of Trikala. Through the exhibition we managed not only to show our product for the first time to the outside world, but also to be in the same space with people who know the market better and were ready to help us become better.

We will definitely not forget the parties and the songs we threw at the end, and all the beers we were treated to by the guys from almeva!

Participating in an exhibition proved to be quite demanding, as it was three days full of fatigue and a lot of work. But the joy of presenting your work, and seeing the public’s interest in it, are priceless moments that made our experience truly unique and enjoyable! It’s something we would definitely do again, and we look forward to the next exhibitions we participate in.

We are not done with Trikala. We loved it and met the best people. We are waiting for the results of the USOLVE competition for the installation of photovoltaic panels in a primary school in Trikala, so that we can also put our stones in the development of the city!

Congratulations to all the contestants and we wish them all the best!