Kasapis – Xanthopoulou, Apollo Green Solutions: we provide integrated, turnkey solutions for buildings.


The following is the article of startupper published on 16.10.2023, in order to better acquaint you with our product, team and services. You will also find the original version at the following link: Startupper

Let’s see what it says:

“Rafael Kasapis, founder and CEO of Apollo Green Solutions and Alexandra Xanthopoulou, Head of Operations of the company, talk to Startupper.gr about the innovative startup that is developing an integrated solar energy production and management system in the form of a service aimed at individuals, communities and businesses.

They talk about the company’s first steps, the challenges they encountered, the energy transition and green transformation, the company’s future plans and expansion plans, as well as its participation in Greek and European energy-focused events and its distinction in the ClimAccelerator, where it was awarded through the program in the Hackathon held at Impact Hub Athens. It was among the 3 startups that stood out and shared the prize money of €9,000 and a place in Stage 2.

What were the first steps of Apollo Green Solutions? How did it start and what was the initial goal? What exactly does the company offer?

We started with rural PV, combining agriculture and renewables, but we quickly realised that there are several challenges, such as grid congestion. So we changed our concept and focused on urban buildings.

We are providing integrated, turnkey solutions for buildings at the moment and we may also address the agriculture part in the near future. We offer energy as a product, as you get it from your provider, but 100% green and 100% affordable.

In addition, the company is aiming to innovate by combining the installation of photovoltaic systems with a technology/application that will be integrated into the system, offering greater transparency and better energy management in homes and businesses.

What difficulties or challenges did you encounter at the beginning and how did you overcome them?

In the beginning, we faced various difficulties and challenges, but we managed to overcome them. On the one hand, we had difficulties in organizing our company and setting our goals. However, with effort and dedication, we were able to clearly define our product and how to differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

We also faced challenges in getting momentum and growing our company. Finding partners and participating in various promotional campaigns and exhibitions helped us to increase our corporate presence and gain a foothold in the market. These challenges have motivated us to continue to evolve, and offer quality services to our clients.

We have been fortunate to find ourselves in a supportive environment and meet individuals who believe in us as well as trusted mentors. Impact Hub Athens was a great choice to start our

our entrepreneurial journey.

You have offices in Greece and Germany. Are there any plans for future expansion to other countries?

Yes, our company has offices in Greece and Germany, and there are plans for future expansion to other countries. We have Spain, Cyprus and Portugal in our targets for early next year.

Tell us a little about the company’s human resources. How many people make up your team and if you see this team growing soon. What is the long-term plan for the company, where would you like to see it go?

We started with two people in Greece and added another one in Germany. Last week we added another person in Greece. As time goes on, we want the team to gradually grow as the business grows.

The long-term plan for our company is to expand into new markets, and to continue to offer innovative solutions in the renewable energy sector.

At the recent ClimAccelerator you were among the three companies that won the cash prize and a place in Stage 2. How do you feel about this and what does it mean to you?

It is a great honour and pleasure to be among the three companies that won the cash prize and a place in Stage 2 of the ClimAccelerator. This reflects the commitment we have to innovation and the fight for a more sustainable planet. At the same time we are affirmed when our work is recognised.

At the same time, the position in Stage 2 enables us to continue developing our technologies and our efforts to build a slightly different future, better for ourselves and future generations.”

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