“27th Primary School of Trikala – The Big Project of Apollo Green Solutions that Lights up the Neighborhood”

As part of the continuous effort for growth and sustainability, the 27th Primary School of Trikala became the place where the vision of Apollo Green Solutions turned into reality. Through the installation of an advanced photovoltaic (PV) system with a powerful storage battery, the school now has the capability of autonomous power supply.

This project, which was implemented last month, is a shining example of collaboration and innovation, as it was co-funded by the European Union through the U-Solve programme. The goal of Apollo Green Solutions is not only to provide energy to the school, but also to educate the community about the benefits of photovoltaic systems, helping to create more resilient cities.

The whole system, is also accompanied by our new platform that allows the viewing and management of energy production and consumption data, paving the way towards full transparency regarding the consumption rates of each building. Beyond transparency, the knowledge around the production and consumption of electricity allows to avoid and/or repair faults (therefore no loss of energy and money), but also to optimize the battery system to charge at the right time for each house.

A noteworthy moment in the course of this project was the educational workshop organised at the 27th Primary School of Trikala, aiming to inform students about the project, RES and electromobility. At the end of the workshop, we played a creative game where the children helped design an imaginary house powered by RES technologies.

Furthermore, the success of this project would not have been possible without the dedication and cooperation of many of our key partners. We would like to thank our trusted partners from Trikala, Dimitrios Bardas for the installation and the Artistic Nerds team for the audiovisual material. Finally, we express our gratitude to the teachers of the 27th Primary School of Trikala, especially to the director Mrs. Zoe Koufogianni and Mr. Vasilis Papagiannis, for their valuable help and willingness that were necessary for the implementation of the project.

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The Apollo Green Solutions team